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Call on 9167156852 for any technical difficulties.
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Instructions :
  • Kindly attempt the practise quiz first to acquaint yourself with the format and to check and ensure the settings of your browser.
  • To get password for Practise Quiz Click here :
  • Select moze, type your password and click on Start Practise button.
  • Practise Test has 5 questions to be answered in 5 minutes.
  • Select the correct answer from the choices given.
  • Click on 'Submit Paper' button AFTER answering all questions.
  • Practise test can be attempted multiple times.
  • Call on 9167156852 for any technical difficulties.
  • To get password for Final Quiz click here  :
  • Final Quiz will have 50 questions to be answered in 45 minutes.
  • Only 1 attempt will be allowed for Final Quiz.
  • The winning criteria will be maximum right answers in minimum time in Online Quiz, plus 100 marks for Madeh and 300 marks for Faize-Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah Survey. 

For Password

Select your moze and click on "Get Password"  button to receive your password. It will be sent by email to your Aamil Saheb's alvazarat email account.


If Quiz does not start in a new window

  • If using Internet Explorer goto -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy and REMOVE the checkmark on [Turn on Pop-up Blocker]  Click on Cancel when prompted to display Webpage again.

  • If using Firefox goto -> Tools -> Options -> Content and REMOVE the checkmark on [Block pop-up windows]
  • Also Enable Javascript.

  • If a yellow line appears just below the address line, click on it and [Allow ActiveX Controls]

  • Click Here to view the above instructions in pictures

  • Log-in for Jamea Administrators only.